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I have been making perfumes for many years and own Perfume
Gardens at House of Rose perfumes which hand blends long
lasting, alcohol free perfumes with laboratory certified human
pheromones. See our web site at

Over the years, many clients and friends have requested custom
perfumers. I opened this business in response to their requests. I
use the best ingredients available and prefer not to use an alcohol
base since the perfume evaporates too quickly. Alcohol is used in
almost all commercial perfumes today in concentrations of over
95%. That means you are not paying for quality ingredients, but
packaging and marketing. Alcohol also causes perfumes to change
scents as they evaporate on your skin. Many people think they are
allergic to perfume when it is the alcohol that causes the reaction.

I have also duplicated atypical scents such as
Bubble Gum, Fresh Cotton, Coffee, Pumpkin Pie, Grapefruit,
Hydrangea, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Peppermint,Tangerine,
Cinnamon, Fresh Bread, Cucumber, Ginger and Champagne.

If you send me a sample of what you want, whether it be a fresh
flower or a lock of your husband's freshly washed hair, I can
duplicate it - exactly. Some scents require laboratory analysis to
duplicate. I will let you know in advance if that is necessary.

I also blend custom perfumes for commercial use and can
supply perfume bottles, packaging and marketing advice.

We are in good standing with Dun & Bradstreet and the Better
Business Bureau.

You can begin the process by calling me at


or Email me at

Jane Langdon, Perfumer
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