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When You Want the Best
Long Lasting Perfumes

Look no further for the best long lasting perfumes. Perfume Gardens
from House of Rose hand blends each perfume and they last many
times longer than other perfumes. The secret is simple. Our perfumes
contain no alcohol which causes quick evaporation and the perfumes
scent changes while drying. Instead we use a perfume base that is
actually good for your skin.

House of Rose
Designer Buttons

FASHION BUTTONS have become so rare that
some are now more valuable than the garments

Custom Perfume

Creation of your custom perfume begins with a phone
consultation. I have developed a comprehensive method for
designing custom perfumes from a distance.

Your Concierge

We are the "Alice's Restaurant" of your dreams. Tell us
what you want and we will usually find it or make it for

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Bradstreet, Better Business Bureau
and ebay for 16 years

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